Intro to Scott McCloud

Scott McCloud is a well-known and respected creator of comics, largely due in part to the creation of the book Understanding Comics. This creates something of a small paradox, as McCloud is primarily known as a comic writer and artist who wrote a book about comics themselves. The thing is, it seems that many of his actual works in the world of comics are relatively unknown. In fact, his personal website lists few examples, and the main attractions are his, I suppose you can call it a trilogy, works about comics.

The way I see it, if we’re going to take a lot of what McCloud says seriously as we look at other comics, we should also stop and look at his own work. I’m not saying it’s a matter of doubt towards his work, but rather an introspective look at an author’s introspective work. And Zot.

In other words, we’re going to take a look at the other major works of Scott McCloud, along with the way that assigned readings use his concepts of Show vs. Tell, Transition and Gutters, and Abstract vs. Realisitc. We’ll look at them, see how they line up with the discussions from Understanding Comics, and see if we can gain a better insight into McCloud himself.

To take a deeper look into Scott McCloud, click here.

To see how the assigned readings use McCloud’s concepts of Show vs. Tell, Transition and Gutters, and Abstract vs. Realistic, click here.




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